State of Georgia – USG BOR – MRR Projects

The University System of Georgia, Board Of Regents, provides access to Major Repair and Rehabilitation (MRR) funding for capital renew projects to ensure safe and functionally effective college and university campus environments state-wide. The capital renewal program is for state-owned facilities, designed to maintain Resident Instruction space, including facilities, physical plants, and infrastructure. Utilizing General Obligation (G.O) Bonds, these projects are intended to aid campus renewal and should demonstrate at least a 20-year estimated service life.

Each year, institutions submit a 3-5 year Institutional Renewal Plan outlining and prioritizing projects derived from and aligning with the following:


Facilities Condition Assessments

Campus Master Plans

Programmatic Assessments


Projects are classified as Building Renewal, Campus-Wide Building Renewal, or Campus Infrastructure and prioritized. Project Scope, Components, and Subcomponents should be defined and the request accompanied by budget estimates broken down by Project Phase and Project Scope Component.



The GSCIC team has experience with submitting for and utilizing G.O. bond funds for MRR projects. Let us know how we can help. We can be used to supplement the college or university’s existing facilities team on specific tasks or manage the entire process for you.