Wes Berry, LEED AP, PMP, Joins GSCIC

June 1, 2021

GSCIC is excited to welcome Wes Berry, LEED AP, PMP, to our team. Wes holds over 14 years of experience as a Project Manager and Senior Project Manager at Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission, helping lead state agencies through the design and construction process on projects throughout Georgia. Wes has extensive knowledge managing complex and diverse capital projects, with focused expertise in higher education and technical laboratories, bringing additional depth to our team.

We could not be more thrilled to welcome Wes. You see—there’s history. Deborah and Wes worked together as Project Managers at Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission over a decade ago. They continued to work together when Deborah was head of facilities and construction at Georgia Bureau of Investigation, first with a renovation and addition at GBI headquarters, then again with a new forensics lab and medical examiner’s office in Savannah. 

Their invaluable collaboration and work history inspired Deborah to take her extensive knowledge and experiences with state projects and start a program and project management firm. In a dinner over tacos in Savannah, Wes and Deborah imagined what is now GSCIC, and at Wes’s encouragement, Deborah took the leap! Three years later, it only fits that we have now come full circle to welcome Wes into the vision he helped create. 
Wes graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Architecture and a Masters Degree in Building Construction and Facilities Management. He lives in Atlanta with his beloved dogs, Paris and Pierre. In addition to his love of design and construction, Wes enjoys cooking and fitness and is currently studying to be a certified personal trainer.