Large Facilities – MRR + Special Projects + Tenant

Large Facilities require continuous improvements and have unique maintenance operations. As an Owner and Operator, this often means tackling multiple projects of various types continually. When issues that require immediate attention arise, those become priorities, and scheduled maintenance, repairs, renovations, or special capital projects may suffer. Tenants, if any, also have additional needs and contractual obligations from initial build-out to MRR. Given that these requirements differ from one day to the next and unforeseen issues often pop up that require immediate attention, it may be hard to staff accordingly.


Maintenance: Scheduled Preventative Measures To Ensure Facility Function

Repairs: Often Unanticipated and Require Immediate Attention

Renovations: Schedule Projects To Maintain Appearance and Compliance

Special Capital Projects: New Construction Projects Including Expansions or Additions

Tenants: Contractual Obligations Throughout Occupancy


The GSCIC team has experience helping Large Facilities maintain day-to-day operations and juggle planned and unplanned capital projects. We work with Owners on proactive plans for MRR, Special Capital Projects, and Tenant requirements, supplementing and working with existing facilities staff. We also have the capacity and ability to tackle unknown issues that may occur, allowing planned activities to continue without impeding on operations.

Our focus is on Owner satisfaction, facility function and compliance, and successful renovations and new construction projects. Understanding requirements are broad and unique to each facility; we offer flexibility in our approach and services to meet evolving Owner, Facility, and Tenant requirements.



Project Coordination + Client Representation + Management:

GSCIC is in the unique role of representing three projects for GWCCA. While contractual roles and responsibilities and the contract holder differ for each project, GSCIC’s overarching goal remains consistent, get GWCCA the scope desired on schedule, within budget, and at premium quality while addressing any issues and tasks along the way.

GSCIC General Responsibilities:

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Client/Owner Representation (Project Specific and General)
  • Liaison Between DB Teams and Client/Owner
  • Team(s) Communication
  • Project(s) Coordination
  • Event(s) Coordination (Schedule + Logistics)
  • Property + Entity Coordination (GWCCA, State Properties Commission, Railroad, Hotel, State Farm Arena, CNN Center)
  • Forensic Studies
  • Project Scope Development
  • Unforeseen Condition Remediation

GWCC-044 Pedestrian Mall

Project Delivery: DB

DB Team: Manhattan + Nelson + HGOR

Contract Between: GSCIC + GWCCA

GSCIC Role: Program Management + Project Management

Stated Cost Limitation: $13,000,000

Scope Overview: This project is part of GWCCA’s effort to transform their “Front Door” into an aesthetically pleasing and safe pedestrian corridor through GWCC’s campus to the hotel district while mitigating traffic along Andrew Young International Boulevard Marietta Street.

Scope Components: Hotel Connection, Building B Linear Park, Front Porch, East Plaza, Marietta Street Gateway

Scope Sub-Components: Demolition of Existing Conditions, Removal of Two Traffic Lanes

New: Landscape, Hardscape, Covered Trellis, Smoking Areas, Iconic + Gateway Element

GWCC-045 Transportation and Bus Depot

Project Delivery: DB

DB Team: Holder + Gensler

Contract Between: GSCIC + GSFIC (Georgia State Financing and Investment Commission)

GSCIC Role: Program Management + Project Management

Stated Cost Limitation: $15,951,051.60

Scope Overview: This project is part of GWCCA’s effort to transform their “Front Door,” creating a Bus Plaza Terminal, Parking/Ride Share solutions, and a structural connection between the Hotel Project and Pedestrian Mall to minimize vehicular congestion.

Scope Components: Connecting Centennial Olympic Park Drive + Andrew Young International Boulevard, New Bus + Vehicular Lot over the Eastern portion of Georgia International Plaza

Scope Sub-Components: Connection to Hotel Project, Bus Canopy, Bridge Connector

GWCC-046 Infrastructure Improvements (Roof Replacement)

Project Delivery: DB

DB Team: Albion + WJE (Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.)

Contract Between: GSCIC + Albion.

GSCIC Role: Client Liaison

Stated Cost Limitation: $52,000,000

Scope Overview: As part of ongoing maintenance, replacement of approximately 514,000 total sq feet on “A”, “B” and “C” buildings.

Scope Components: Removal and Demolition of Existing Roof, Installation of New Roof, Siphonic Drain System and replacement of 4 old roof top HVAC units.