State of GA – Capital Facilities Projects

State agencies may apply for funds utilizing 5-year and 20-year G.O. Bonds MRR funding, along with (M&O) funding, is used for maintaining facilities throughout their lifecycle. These funds allow for facility upkeep, significant repairs, and renovations, yet many state entities may not know how to implement, request and utilize the funds. Depending on the scope and estimated cost, agencies have access to facility compliance and sustainment funds via submitting through OPB, GSFIC, and ADA.


5 Year G.O. Bonds: Facility Repair and Sustainment

Projects With Activities of Predominately 5-year Service Lives

Example Projects: Paint, Carpet, Lighting

20 Year G.O. Bonds: Facility Major Improvements and Renovation

Projects With Activities of Predominately 20-year Service Lives

Major Capital Projects and Activities to Extend Overall Facility Service Life

Example Projects: Roof Replacement, Equipment, Infrastructure


Strategic Planning – OPB

State agencies are required to submit strategic plans to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) that outline capital projects four years out. These plans should align with the Governor’s strategic goals and include all anticipated changes to facilities, including new construction, renovation, consolidation, changes in office space (and size), or land acquisition. Therefore, facility upkeep, major projects, and facility changes (shrink or growth) should be anticipated and tracked years out to inform OPB and submit budget requests adequately.


The GSCIC team has experience assisting state agencies access and utilize G.O. bond funds from various funding buckets for use on minor and major capital facilities projects. Let us help your agency navigate the process and fully utilize the funding available to better your facilities and programs.